About 2016


The Mahiout bags and accessories are timeless and functional in style. They are designed and crafted to provide a lifetime of use and satisfaction.

The goods are handmade in traditional workshops, with passion and attention for quality and details.

We are carefully selecting our materials using among others premium vegetable tanned leather, military grade cotton and solid brass fittings. Our purpose is for you to have a product aging with dignity. Passage of time will enhance each bags character.

From rough environment and far away destinations, exceptional men and women, professional adventurers like soldiers, sailors, explorers, have always relied on their most precious belonging – their bag.

From rough to refined, utility to subtlety, we created those bags for men and women who are challenging every day on another tough ground. The city….

Mahiout was created and molded out of the encounter in Paris of the designer duo Roland Leglaye and Linda Mahiout in 2010.